Selective Outsourcing- a new trend in outsourcing

Any potential business idea or strategy once introduced, gains massive attention, owing to its success and creates huge market competition. Outsourcing is one such trend, which revolutionize the world’s business practices. Though the practice dates back to 1970 and was initially practiced in manufacturing industry, it soon established itself across all industrial segments. It has... Continue Reading →

Outcome-based outsourcing

iGate’s new ad campaign launched today promoting “Outcome based “outsourcing business model has pushed  the IT companies relying on the  conventional outsourcing methods  to redesign their business strategies. What is this “Outcome based business model” ? While the traditional  “time and material” business model provides client with support services including the hardware , software and... Continue Reading →

Different Business Models

The introduction page in a company’s website ,especially  the one working in IT domain, is flooded with technical terms like -  Application development, product innovation, staff augmentation, RPO, BPO etc which define company’s  area of performance and expertise but are confusing for a beginner to identify. This post briefly explains these terms … OUTSOURCING Outsourcing... Continue Reading →

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