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3 weeks of remote work and social isolation (COVID-19) – Week 1

While we were all preparing to welcome 5G and AI , a sudden viral breakout has put the world at a standstill. It has made #SocialDistancing & #Qurantine part of everyone’s life today.

For most of us in Toronto, this week was the first experience of advised 3 weeks of complete isolation and social distance period. School/day care closure, travel restrictions, public places closure and eventually most workplaces coming to a complete remote operation mode. But, amidst the fear of COVID-19, there is some sunshine…

  • numerous posts from teams sharing happy pictures of their virtual meetings ,
  • people proudly thanking their managers for making provision of 100% remote operations,
  • employers taking staff safety as priority while still serving clients

all of it is an assurance that we are heading to a hopeful & positive work culture. We have all come together to live the foundation values of human relationship

Trust – The once afraid managers who feared that an employee asking for work from home is taking time off for personal travelling or shopping, are now trusting their staff to accomplish job while working remote.

Commitment – Employees everywhere are demonstrating commitment to their jobs, employers and teams by working the best in their ability, being away from each other.

Empathy – With school closure, parents had no choice but to be home with kids. A remote work option provided by employers to the parents is nothing less than a blessing

Respect – Managers and coworkers are coming together to discuss each others well being, ideas of self development , health and fitness to best utilize work form home time shows the care and respect for we carry for each other.

Communication– Meetings are still conducted but online, Networking events are going virtual , learning and training tools are being offered on smart phones – we have opened more communication channels for now and forever.

Times are tough but we will surely come out stronger, agile and future-ready.

Till then, Stay safe & practice #socialdistance

Talent Management- then and now

HR image

Hey, it has been a while but I am back in my space ♥

Work has been busy, and I had a chance to work with some clients on their HR and change management projects that got me thinking – HR is actually changing or better, had changed much in respect to its dealing with people operation and engagement function.

I shared my views on Talent Management on LinkedIn yesterday and would appreciate your participation in sharing your ideas, experiences about it.

You may read it here

Working in the HR function for last 10 years, across 2 continents now, I have closely witnessed the shift from the traditional, rule- based HR to the now, viable, people centric HR. The shift is often blended but evident. Annual picnics, subsidised meals and Fun-Fridays still excite employees as much as flexi work hours and corporate wellness programs.

Companies are made of people that work there and even the best teams cannot operate successfully if they are not given the opportunity to collaborate. One of the key reasons for an organization’s success is its people operations Hire the best talent and take care of your people is the strategy helping top performing organizations maintain a strong retention and growth rates even with hugely diverse workforce. What do they do better?

1.      Make data driven decisions and policies

2.      Make workplace a comfortable space for employees where they enjoy flexibility to work, explore and innovate.

3.      Give employees a work life balance by making things like food, travel (to work) etc. affordable and accessible. When employees have less things to worry about, they tend to work more and better.

4.      Promote an engaging culture where ideas are welcomed, appreciated and employees are given fair chance to participate in implementation.

What and how much employees contribute to an organizations’ growth is determined by the culture, resources, incentives, engagement and growth opportunities the organization can provide to them.

The HR and Talent management functions till worry if – too much flexibility at work harm productivity? Despite organizations investing much in their retention programs, employee still leave, why? Is it possible to stop employees from leaving with free lunches and travel?

A well planned and completely involved management process might be the solution. Click for more



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