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Welcome to HRDictionary Meetu2021

Glad to meet you. I am Meetu Khanduja, a Talent Manager by profession. I have spent over 12 years in IT consulting and Staffing industry internationally. My work has given me the opportunity to work closely with decisions that impact a employee’s work and personal life – Hiring, Terminations, Promotions , Performance Improvement plans, Project costs and a lot more that happens in HR and Business meetings.

While I partner with the business and leadership teams to develop strategies that support people and business goals, I am able to experience the aspects that influence business decisions and impact it makes on people/employees. This blog is a medium to share some of these learnings and encounters with anyone who feels connected or feels helped in any way.

HRDictionary- When and Why? In 2013 I started experimenting with Social Media and Personal Branding tools and in my effort to connect with like minded professionals, I started this website and also did some freelance blogging and interactive live sessions on some online platforms. The conversations and feedback that came around has kept me ongoing till now and longer (I am determined 😊 ).

I enjoy everyday workplace discussions

  • Is dress code important at work? What about companies that do not have them?
  • Is workplace engagement only employer’s responsibility?
  • How Social media is changing the work culture?
  • Automation and change management – what’s the deal.

Want to join the discussion? Don’t wait, just jump in..

If you want to contribute your ideas or thoughts at this blog, feel free to reach me

And if you are in Toronto, Canada , I am always open to professional networking and coffee 😊

I am looking forward to feedback too..

You can mail me at – hrdictionary@gmail.com or connect with me on twitter @hrdictionary


You can also find me at

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The only vital value an enterprise has is the experience, skills, innovativeness and insights of its people. And we, the HR pros, work towards managing and retaining this valuable human resource.

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