Building emotional connect during onboarding process

Why is Induction & On-boarding an important part of a new employee's work life? Because how an employee is made to feel during his initial days with an organization often influences his decision to stay or leave. In a case where employee already has another offer to consider, a positive experience during Induction & On-boarding becomes even... Continue Reading →

SnapSuggest – modern day suggestion box

“Employee ideas are key to building a culture of high performance.” This quote by Alan G, Robinson, the well known author and educator of performance improvement ideas, is foundation of a great work culture. Organizations today appreciate involving employees in decision making process but how they do it matters. As HR,  how do you reach... Continue Reading →

4 secrets to employee engagement success

What do you feel when you hear about Starbucks' College Achievement Plan offering low cost or free online courses to its employees or about TCS sabbatical policy or about Netflix’s unlimited vacation policy? Let me guess… “I wish I was working with them” Correct? At least I think so. Organizations are taking employee engagement to the... Continue Reading →

New age employee engagement surveys

OK, this one is about employee engagement again .. but not adding more tips to it but about what lies beyond it.  With so many tools and techniques available for the purpose, engaging employees is no more a problem; almost every organization is doing well at it. The true challenge is measuring and understanding if... Continue Reading →

What HR does wrong with Fun-at-work

Fun-at work is essential. Organizations and HR pros everywhere have realized the defects that a monotonous and stressful work environment does to employee morale and productivity. Also, its is an effective engagement tools for Gen Yers who are stimulated by an easy-going and fun-loving environment. Fun at work activities are a good way to keep... Continue Reading →

6 mistakes of an Exit process.

While organizations everywhere are doing everything possible to establish and maintain a great brand presence do they at times become indifferent to their real brand ambassadors? By the way, who are these brand ambassadors? Apparently, we all know the answer to it…  Employees, including those who have left or are leaving.  They are the ones... Continue Reading →

Why employees dislike Bell Curve/ Stack Ranking?

After “No work from Home” earlier this year, Yahoo’s recent decision of “Stack Ranking” its employees has once again occupied the mind of HR leaders and pros. It is being referred to as “Yahoo’s recent HR disaster”.  Many are disapproving this move and feel that it will work against employee’s advantage. Bell curve ranking was once the most popular... Continue Reading →

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