Employee dress codes in 2016

Here's another guest post by RChilli on dress code. As they say, dress to impress  RChilli is a resume management and automation firm specializing in giving resumes a social touch . Vinay Johar, CEO of Rchilli enjoys talking to people about their recruitment software challenges and proposing simpler ways of automating things. Apart from work, he loves playing with... Continue Reading →

International women’s day- a new start for me

Hi friends, Wish you all a great International women's day. Like most of us , I too believe that we (women) should celebrate our hard-work and undying spirit everyday but having a day like today gives a special meaning to being a woman. So all the ladies out there, I salute you for being who... Continue Reading →

What contract employment can offer you

In my last post, I wrote about the cons of contract employment, talking specifically about Indian job market scenario. If you missed it, you can read the post here. Today I am going to talk about the benefits of working as a contractor.  

What diverse workplaces have in common

Ideas, Innovation, perspective…. A diverse workforce has a lot to offer.  Diversity is no more just an element but it is the strength of a global workplace today. Organizations who embraced diversity early are enjoying a competitive edge and preference. And the rest, they too are working towards creating an environment that can support people... Continue Reading →

A promise – from one woman to another

Happy International women's day ! The world is celebrating spirit of womanhood and every woman today is getting admired. Yes we deserve that.. we deserve approval for our never-dying hope and confidence, for keeping our families healthy and contented, for our competitiveness and dedication at work. By 2022, the labor force participation rate of women... Continue Reading →

Every interviewer smiles

   Image courtesy  - imgkid.com In a  job interview, it is important to stand out and sometimes even small things matter I was waiting for an interview when the HR guy came and informed that something urgent had come up and I might have to wait longer. This was the final interview round with Managing... Continue Reading →

Diversity as we practise

"Diversity is the mix, inclusion is getting the mix to work well together" - Lori Ridgeway Today's workplace can not do without diversity. It needs people with differences in culture, races, backgrounds and experiences to operate successfully in this diverse environment. But does diversity ends with bringing different people together? How to keep people together... Continue Reading →

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