Cover Letter – Why & How

Do you attach a cover letter to your job application? Is cover letter necessary? what value it adds to your job application? What to write in a cover letter? How long a cover letter should be? Everytime you apply to a job, there's some obvious analysis around cover letter. Working into Talent engagement & acquisition,... Continue Reading →

Contract employment – Responsibilities ?

It's a long , I mean really long time since I posted on this blog. The lot happened over the past year, new job, new house, new responsibilities that kept me away and how much I missed being here. With today's post, I would want to share an experience with you all and invite your comments,... Continue Reading →

What feedback can do for you

No, I am not going to emphasize the fact(written & re-written widely) about how important feedbacks are, I would rather share a story. Why you should not hesitate to ask for feedback? What a feedback (positive obviously) can do for your  brand? Recently, I was looking for  a hand crafted, customized gift for a friend's wedding. I... Continue Reading →

India at work – overseas and beyond

India has recently celebrated its 69th Independence day..Congratulations to all fellow Indians! We have come far in terms of growing ourselves from the land of agriculture to the land of dreamers, achievers and entrepreneurs . Some of the best global brands like Google, PepsiCo, Microsoft and many more  have been under the leadership of Indians... Continue Reading →

A dialogue on exit interviews

One of my ex-manager always addressed Exit interview as feedback interview. In his words "Exit interviews are not to know why employee is leaving but to understand what made  his stay with the organization comfortable or uncomfortable". I always consider it the best mindset to conduct an exit interview. What is the best time and... Continue Reading →

HR- what it is missing & why

Those of you who are connected with me on Twitter already know that I am a sincere admirer and follower of Laurie Ruettimann and her writings. She, in one of her recent post mentioned that , "If you want to work in HR or earn more money, your options are limited". So true it is and since... Continue Reading →

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