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Hackathon – some productive ideas behind


Do you know what a hackathon is or ever been to any?

Call it hack day, hackfest or codefest, when ever coders, programmers and technical brains meet, the result is creative, innovative and informative. Hackathon is when experts come together to solve social, economical, technical or business problems through technology.

Here’s an excerpt from the post that I wrote my on Sheroes about my experience with a hackathon

What do you think a large group of hi-tech software developers, application programmers and product managers will do together? You are right, they will either indulge in a never-ending project meeting or, work on making a really innovative, creative and out-of-the-box product.

Seventeen-years-ago, 10 software developers came together in Calgary, Canada, to find  a way to avoid legal complications while importing cryptographic software from United States. This is how the term hackathon originated, and since then such events are being conducted globally for software advancement and innovation.

Last week, I was at a college for campus hiring where some bunch of enthusiastic engineers were participating in a hackathon, brainstorming on developing a secured mobile application that will give students access to the examination room even if they forgot their physical ID cards.  I had the opportunity to witness two days of sheer learning, debating, brain racking and collective innovation and that’s when I learned what really happens at a hackathon. Click here to read the full post.


What are your options as trailing spouse?

trailing spouse pic

Trailing spouse – adventure, excitement and fun or compromise, sacrifice and weariness? Only a trailing spouse would know who it feels to be one. I have been there and I know. Taking back to your career and your profile in a  new country is challenging. You have to try harder because in the beginning you are unaware of the job market and even the work culture.

Last year I posted an infographic on Trailing spouse, things one should explore and know before becoming a trailing spouse. I wrote the next piece on the topic recently for

We both were working and well settled in our respective lives when we got married. We had no intent, (except for vacations) to go and settle abroad but life had different plans. My husband’s job took him on international travels often but I never accompanied him because I was busy at work. 3 years later, he had to move overseas for a long-term assignment and that’s when I took the difficult decision – to accompany him. Things seemed more like a holiday initially – luxurious hotel stays, new home, new friends, new country but gradually all excitement died down and reality resurfaced. From an independent, working woman I turned to an immigrant job seeker.

This is the story of all women who follow their spouse abroad as trailing spouses. The transition isn’t easy for all, either visa restrictions or restricted job market limit career options for trailing spouses. It is tough but for those who are willing to explore and experiment, being a trailing spouse is not the end of career. What are your options?

 You can read the complete post here.

Are you or have you been a trailing spouse? How have you managed to deal with the situation and what options did you chose for work/ career?

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