International women’s day- a new start for me

Hi friends, Wish you all a great International women's day. Like most of us , I too believe that we (women) should celebrate our hard-work and undying spirit everyday but having a day like today gives a special meaning to being a woman. So all the ladies out there, I salute you for being who... Continue Reading →

Networking tips series – networking cards

This is the third short post of my  3 series networking tips. Click here to read the first part. You meet a lot of people at networking events and its practically its not possible to remember them all. This is where business cards become essential. If you are  who are in transition, new graduate or... Continue Reading →

HR Leadership: More Than Tea

HRDictionary is pleased to announce its first guest post by RChilli , a resume management and automation firm specializing in giving resumes a social touch .  Vinay Johar, CEO of Rchilli enjoys talking to people about their Recruitment Software challenges and proposing simpler ways of automating things around. Apart from work, he loves playing with his... Continue Reading →

Networking tips series – follow up email

Hello friends, Welcome to this 3 series short post on networking tips where I will be writing one tips each week. Hope you find it helpful. Networking sounds exciting, meeting new people, building connections and finding new prospects for your professional development. Extroverts and Introverts at networking has always been a debate but there are some... Continue Reading →

SnapSuggest – modern day suggestion box

“Employee ideas are key to building a culture of high performance.” This quote by Alan G, Robinson, the well known author and educator of performance improvement ideas, is foundation of a great work culture. Organizations today appreciate involving employees in decision making process but how they do it matters. As HR,  how do you reach... Continue Reading →

What feedback can do for you

No, I am not going to emphasize the fact(written & re-written widely) about how important feedbacks are, I would rather share a story. Why you should not hesitate to ask for feedback? What a feedback (positive obviously) can do for your  brand? Recently, I was looking for  a hand crafted, customized gift for a friend's wedding. I... Continue Reading →

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