Management tale

Over a decade ago, I joined a new team and soon realised that I had signed to work with a boss who trusted less in the team and believed in micromanaging their day at work, from reporting time, to meetings, to breaks, to email communication and more. The team was productive, no doubt, but the work environment was tense, and Mondays were dreadful.
I am not all against micromanagement, I have seen it work good in certain cases – fresh grads, critical or special projects, performance improvement planning, it’s when this goes beyond the scope of work, to employee’s behaviour and choices, it does more harm than good.
As a manager, how you make your team feel is important
–         Trust them
–         Be available, to appreciate, reward as well as to help on critical decisions
–         Support them on failures. We all do it but how you make your team feel when they fail makes a great impression on their growth and learning
–         Feedback, that is how we improve
–         Also important in today’s time, give flexibility- to plan priorities, manage individual and family needs, manage personal life with work.

A happy team is a productive team. Agree?

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