Approaching Work and professional development in COVID times

The world has witnessed a major turn of events in the last year. COVID has hit us hard, personally, economically, and emotionally, each one of us is impacted in some way. Given the nature of my job, I work with job seekers from all industries, experience level and educational background so I have closely witnessed... Continue Reading →

India at work – overseas and beyond

India has recently celebrated its 69th Independence day..Congratulations to all fellow Indians! We have come far in terms of growing ourselves from the land of agriculture to the land of dreamers, achievers and entrepreneurs . Some of the best global brands like Google, PepsiCo, Microsoft and many more ┬áhave been under the leadership of Indians... Continue Reading →

I ignored LinkedIn and I was wrong

Yes I did that. Being very much into social media, especially when I am more focused on professional associations here, I was completely inactive on LinkedIn for almost 2 months. On a recent vacation with family, while I had put off all social media notifications on my mobile, I was still ┬áconnected to my social... Continue Reading →

What’s your LinkedIn networking strategy?

What is your LinkedIn strategy, building a large network or a robust network? LinkedIn is not just social networking, its professional branding. A LinkedIn profile is an online resume that attracts hiring managers, business leads, prospective candidates and potential clients. My personal approach to LinkedIn is simple, I use to as a means to connect... Continue Reading →

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