What’s your LinkedIn networking strategy?

Linked pageWhat is your LinkedIn strategy, building a large network or a robust network? LinkedIn is not just social networking, its professional branding. A LinkedIn profile is an online resume that attracts hiring managers, business leads, prospective candidates and potential clients. My personal approach to LinkedIn is simple, I use to as a means to connect and stay in touch with my professional connections and people I share an interest with.  When it comes to networking, I am not a “Super connector” (I accept it with no regrets), I am picky about connecting with complete strangers.

So, if you are apprehensive about your limited LinkedIn network and wish you increase your connections, here are few things worth considering…

Large network means higher engagement

Your LinkedIn connections aren’t just numbers; they are your professional contacts. You need to be interactive, interesting and keep your network engaged. Engagement is the key to hold your network and gain out of it. If you wish you have a large network, be willing to devote time in cultivating and nurturing your relationship. A small network, on the other hand, gives you more opportunity to build upon your relationships.

When it’s quality vs. quantity, quality wins

If you are likely to accept every connection request, you aren’t being attentive to the quality of your network. The real worth of networking lies in connecting with people who can offer reciprocal value. Adding too many people to your network whom you don’t know is of no use if they would be unresponsive to your call. The winning tip is to connect with people with whom you can exchange introduction and information.

A large network is a sure way of  gaining more visibility and better social selling effort  but social media isn’t just about self-promotion. It’s a great relationship that is build on mutual interaction so the need is to network strategically. Networking is a great way of getting to know people who share your business, profession and interests. What is your networking strategy and how you pick your connections depends on what you wish you accomplish with your LinkedIn profile.

So, what’s your approach to LinkedIn? Do you connect with everyone who shows interest in your profile or prefer connecting with known people? Share your thoughts…

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