I ignored LinkedIn and I was wrong

linkedin laptop

Yes I did that. Being very much into social media, especially when I am more focused on professional associations here, I was completely inactive on LinkedIn for almost 2 months.

On a recent vacation with family, while I had put off all social media notifications on my mobile, I was still  connected to my social  media world via Twitter, Facebook and blogging but not LinkedIn.

Here’s what I was missing while being away from LinkedIn all this time

  • A new Canadian HR venture had offered me to write blog for their website. Glad I was able to contact them back within time. And yes, they learnt about my work through blog updates on my LinkedIn profile.
  • At work, on technology front, I am planing a  switch from end-user role to functional role and actually needed a mentor/guide in the process. A very old colleague has recently contacted me on LinkedIn. We worked together in past where she was leading technical team for HRMS implementation. We were not in touch all this long but thanks to LinkedIn, we met and she agreed to help me through the transition.

It’s true that LinkedIn is more time taking and interaction is not as quick as most other social media channels, that is why most people use is only as a job search medium and not as networking means. But if utilized well, it has more to offer worth your time.

So that’s it, I am determined to take LinkedIn more seriously as networking means now on. Hope you would do that too. And here’s  how I start;  by writing my first post on LinkedIn publishing platform. Stay tuned.. 🙂

4 thoughts on “I ignored LinkedIn and I was wrong

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  1. LI is not only sound and cheap source of hiring talented professionals but also to showcase your talent also. It’s a great source of learning and me to learning and sharing a lot. Good to hear about your story!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Shahzad. Completely agree to your point that Linkedin is a good platform for networking & showcasing one’s talent. Appreciate your feedback 🙂

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