What’s your pledge on World suicide prevention day?

Remember S Gupta, the young tech analyst, who allegedly committed suicide early this year and the female constable who consumed poison to end her life? Even if you do not know about these , you must have heard  other similar cases where young, dreamer and once enthusiastic minds  become so hopeless that they think of... Continue Reading →

My blogging year 2014

Started 2 years back HRdictionary for me was a way to share views & opinions on Human Resources & everything related but the journey rewarded me with many social connections, friends and mentors from whome I learn a lot. Year 2014 had been great and now looking forward to a better & more successful 2015... Continue Reading →

Why Social is important for HR

For the first time in 2 years, I did not post on HRdictionary for close to a month(and I missed it very much). For my readers who might not know, I am currently in my homeland, India, on a vacation. I met some old colleagues yesterday and while all were excited discussing and sharing their... Continue Reading →

Bringing women back to work

Women and career, the topic raises my debates, discussions and opinions at every mention.  Can women have it all? Is a real work-Life balance actually possible for women? Are women really ambitious to make it BIG? … Thoughts are endless and yet we have a set of women who are breaking all biases and are... Continue Reading →

Is texting the next official language?

How often do you receive a text message from an employee informing his half day plan? Or a prospective candidate checking on his application status? Or an employee asking for his leave approval ? If you say “Never” I might doubt because most of the communication previously done on emails, phone call and in personal... Continue Reading →

When someone else steals the show

Why an employee would leave job is unpredictable. What made an employee look out for change or walk out of the job is revealed to HR after the decision has been made (sometimes even before) by the employee.  Not getting enough recognition is a major reason for employee dissatisfaction but what about an employee who... Continue Reading →

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