Should you accept to join on a lower salary while making a career transition?

This is the question of the day

Should you accept to join on a lower salary while making a career transition?

Someone asked me this on Facebook in response to my last post on EOList about career transition. In fact, this is not about just one, but all of us. Many of us hesitate to pursue a field of interest fearing that it would mean compromising on compensation (even if momentarily). So what should one do in such a situation? Make the move or leave it ? Risk the current job to have a career of choice or continue for the sake of money?

To understand what could be the appropriate choice in such a situation, I asked some Industry experts (and my social media friends) to give their views on the topic. I would like to share their opinion and advice with you all to learn from their experience

Dr Deepak Malhotra, HR Leader & Author of Match The Age To Keep Them Engaged   

Twitter @HeadHR_Deepak  Blog  

Depends on situation and family circumstances. Sometimes career is important that money. If you make the right move,  you get back in the long run. Even I compromised twice and I am happy with where I am today.

SubirSubir Chatterjee, Compensation & Benefit expert

Twitter @subirsay

If you are entering a new skill set and you can go for  salary lower than current but market competitive for the new role. Employer must not take advantage of the situation. Salary must be a point of discussion always.


Shamik Vohra,CEO HR4India & Author

Twitter @shamikv    

If short and long-term benefits of the new job outweighs loss in salary, then why not. Go for the new role if you see the benefits.



So are you ready for the big change?

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