2 step process to self improvement

morning view

I clicked this today morning from my bedroom window at 5:30 am. Calm, beautiful morning.. feels lovely..isn’t it? No, I am not awake so early every day. But today has a story ….I had some things pending since a few days now..some e-mails to reply, a guest blog post to be sent this week and I was already behind schedule for technical training I am enrolled for, that meant  I had to study more hours. Though I was not ignoring things all this while,  I was just not doing them the right way. I mean evenings are for family but  if you are trying to write an e-mail while having evening tea with family and catching up on your favorite show, you either lose grammar or the gossip. Not a good thing to do, I know but I was doing this often (just glad that didn’t miss on the first one J ). I thought I was multitasking but actually I was putting more time to complete a task than I should. So this is what I had to change. I needed to work at a peaceful hour, away from distraction and morning hours just worked great today. I was focused, undisturbed and could finish more in less time.

Sometimes even little things we do or don’t do matter..like

  • Being late for work or meetings usually
  • Unable to avoid social media addiction while at work
  • Being over-critical ( remember someone at work or at home telling you )
  • Being unorganized
  • Inability to prioritize

At times, we realize there’s a need to change or improve but we still ignore it until faced by circumstances that trigger attention. We may call them little but when it comes to time management and performance, everything matters.

So, what’s’ the crack?

  1. Identity what it is about you that you wish to improve
  2. start working on it from TODAY.

As Maxwell Maltz theory says, it takes a minimum of 21 days to make a new habit and in my case, I still have 20 more days to go (at least )until I become an early riser.

Is there anything about you that you want to improve at work or home? Do you have a similar story? Why not share …

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