Mentorship–What it is NOT


Last week kept  me too busy with new job, new responsibilities and new colleagues and thus I messed my weekly post on HRdictionary. But in the meanwhile my new article was published at EOList and so I though of sharing it with you all. It’s about mentorship and  how you (we) should approach it in real-time.

Last week, I met a friend who works with a mentorship partnering program and her organization helps people by finding them mentors who are experts in the same profession or industry. I am a true advocate of mentorship and conversation with her opened discussion on why and how of mentorship. I wish to share it with here so that next time we approach the concept with a better understanding. Starting a new job or making a career transition could be stressful, mentorship programs support this progression. Some things to consider about mentorship –

Mentoring is not about job, it’s about career

You mentor is not a step to your next job. A mentor is expected to understand your interest, learn your strengths and prepare you to overcome your shortcomings so that you can progress in your career. Please read the full article here.

Have you ever been associated with a career coach or mentor, want to share your experience with us? I will be happy to know and discuss more..

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