Networking tips series – networking cards


This is the third short post of my  3 series networking tips. Click here to read the first part.

You meet a lot of people at networking events and its practically its not possible to remember them all. This is where business cards become essential. If you are  who are in transition, new graduate or currently  unemployed, you can use networking cards instead of business cards. A networking card is similar to a business card in size (5.08 cm height x 8.89cm width) and content with key essentials being

  • Qualification
  • Expertise
  • Contact

Networking cards are easily to design and print on web but its not free .  You can even save that money and  take an effort to design your cards in MS word and print them. Its easy and the video below will teach you how.


So get your networking cards ready and make that impression at your next networking event.

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