What feedback can do for you

No, I am not going to emphasize the fact(written & re-written widely) about how important feedbacks are, I would rather share a story.

Why you should not hesitate to ask for feedback?

What a feedback (positive obviously) can do for your  brand?

Recently, I was looking for  a hand crafted, customized gift for a friend’s wedding. I was exploring the online shopping world looking for dealers, leaving my contact information and requirement at many online stores. Most people were either asking for more time or more money and then I received an email from a lady who said she could deliver my requirement. Jhanvi (her name) emailed me some of her  product sample and they were reasonably priced. I liked her work and immediately decided to place an order. She said she is transitioning to a personalized website with online shopping facility soon but for now, she was only managing a blog(really basic one) as product catalogue. For order, I had to sent the money to her bank account after which she would dispatch my product. Now this was an enough reason to be doubtful. While I was taking my time to decide and return her email, she sent me another email pointing to her blog’s client feedback page. Reviews were good, praising the quality and packaging of her products.  What really impressed me was her efforts in collecting and putting the feedbacks on her blog. The contact information and active social media links of her clients were provided in case someone needs to validate. Probably, this was the only way for her to take orders for a home run, single owner business and she utilized it so well. She made her customers, her brand ambassadors by asking for their feedback  and using it for her benefit.

I am still to receive my order and already willing to write an exclusive review for Jhanvi. Will share that part of the story too.

So here’s the lesson. Feedback is not a negative word. No matter if you are a big brand, a start-up or an individual, positive feedback from clients , employer or colleagues speak volume about your work. When used appropriately, feedbacks are priceless.

What do you think?



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