I am experimenting with personal branding apps & why your should too


Call me ignorant if you want but I admit being lazy for not having tried any personal branding apps already. While there’s such a wide range of free tools available and most people are utilizing them for long, it’s still not too late to try and see how it can benefit your online brand.

Kudos if you already have an impressive visual resume out there. For other who ignored the personal branding apps (like me) or who are social media shy or  are a new entrepreneurs looking for more clients, here’s why you should try some personal branding tools

  • These tools give you an interesting, visual and concise way to present yourself online.
  • You can showcase your skills, experience and passion through these social tools.
  • People believe on what and who they see and these tools really score in their ease of customization and presentation.
  • Most of these can be easily linked to your personal blog, business website or social media profile.
  • It’s easy to set and you can link all your social media profiles at one place.
  • Some of these tools can pull information form social media profiles and show your updates  to those who wish to connect with you.

Why I liked About.me?

While talking about personal branding, I am a LinkedIn fan and the ease of interaction, discussions and connections that it offers isn’t available with elsewhere. But while exploring beyond likedIn and blogging, I came across many impressive about.me profiles among my twitter pals. I was overlooking it for long but then decided to give it a try and  guess what, it was way easier and interesting that I thought. Now I have all my social media profiles at one page and connecting with people is so convenient. Another awesome feature with about.me, I can link it to me blog and use it as online business card. . Have a look.

What tool are you using to manage your personal brand on social media? Share with us as I wish to explore more 🙂


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