2 step process to self improvement

I clicked this today morning from my bedroom window at 5:30 am. Calm, beautiful morning.. feels lovely..isn’t it? No, I am not awake so early every day. But today has a story ….I had some things pending since a few days now..some e-mails to reply, a guest blog post to be sent this week and... Continue Reading →

Worried about performance at work?.. Avoid these productivity spoilers

What makes a person a star performer? One thing for sure, he utilizes his time wisely. If he can, why can't everyone? When we talk about workplace distraction, Social media is the first thing that comes to mind. Yes, Social media is but not the only productivity killer at work. Some workplace behaviors inevitably impact... Continue Reading →

I ignored LinkedIn and I was wrong

Yes I did that. Being very much into social media, especially when I am more focused on professional associations here, I was completely inactive on LinkedIn for almost 2 months. On a recent vacation with family, while I had put off all social media notifications on my mobile, I was still  connected to my social... Continue Reading →

Today on EO List – The Day I Started In HR

No matter how much you prepare before, somethings are best learned by experience. Human Resource is liaison between management and employees but the role has evolved over time. HR pros now work for performance improvement, business effectiveness and cost analysis . But in nutshell, HR is an employee function.  The real role of HR lies... Continue Reading →

Why HR is a Thank-less job?

I agree that the subject of the post isn't new. We hear it all the time (often believe it too) but today, during a conversation, when a friend quoted again that “HR is a thankless job” I got into thinking... Who propagated this notion(it's no a way an easy job)? How are we, the HR,... Continue Reading →

Why Follow-up after job application

The first step for job search is looking for a suitable position, sending the resume and then waiting to be called. But what if you do not hear back from the hiring recruiter? Is it OK to follow up and check on the progress of your application? While experts say “Yes, following up after initial... Continue Reading →

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