A promise – from one woman to another

Happy International women’s day !

The world is celebrating spirit of womanhood and every woman today is getting admired. Yes we deserve that.. we deserve approval for our never-dying hope and confidence, for keeping our families healthy and contented, for our competitiveness and dedication at work.

By 2022, the labor force participation rate of women is projected to be 56 percent, compared to 67.6 percent for men. ( Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor)

Every woman who decides to work agrees to fulfill dual responsibility at home and workplace and every woman who sacrifice her career does no less. For us, women, having a steady career is not easy, it takes  many compromises, sacrifices and hard-work. Our responsibilities change with changing phases in our lives – marriage, motherhood, age, thus, it take sincere commitment to keep us growing. So, this women’s day, I want to make a promise ….

  • Promise to never compromise my priorities for anything less important. Yes, I have to quit the habit of doing more for others
  • Promise to say NO more often. Yes, I can not please everyone.
  • Promise to help every other woman who need someone to listen and guide her.
  • Promise to never show bias towards a woman at work.
  • Promise to recognize and appreciate every woman in my life, family and work who keeps me going .
  •  Promise to do my bit to help a woman I know, facing harassment at home or workplace.
  • Promise to acknowledge every man who supports and encourages me to be myself and follow my passion.

Are you joining me in this pledge?

PS – The title pic is me with my work buddies 🙂

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