Every interviewer smiles

smiling image   Image courtesy  – imgkid.com

In a  job interview, it is important to stand out and sometimes even small things matter

I was waiting for an interview when the HR guy came and informed that something urgent had come up and I might have to wait longer. This was the final interview round with Managing Director followed by an HR discussion before I get my offer letter. He offered to reschedule the interview and also said  “MD is not in his best mood” but I decided to wait. After waiting for over 3 hours I was called in …

I knocked the door, entered inside with a smile and he smiled back.

Yes, every interviewer does that..its their way to appreciate and they like candidates who smile.

Smile in an interview is as essential as your attire, resume and experience.

  • A smile helps to set the tone right for the interview.
  • It shows that you are confident, enthusiastic and prepared, the kind of personality every interviewer looks for.
  • A smile means that you know the art of friendly interaction.
  • Nervousness and anxiety before an interview is inevitable but if you can hide that wide a smile, you know the art of being stable even when stressed.

How would you like meeting someone with a stern expression? Not really interesting..isn’t?

An interview is a serious business and a smile eases the tension. You have 30 seconds to make an impression in an interview so make the best of it and smile for success.

And yes, I got walked out with  “Letter of Intent” that day 🙂

 Have similar story to share? would love to hear.

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