Things a trailing spouse should know [Infographic]

Whenever I see a friend moving overseas for job or marriage, I know what the experience is going to be like. Once the excitement of being at a new place and among new people settles, there is a whole world of possibilities, responsibilities and challenges waiting. Settling down in a new culture is not as... Continue Reading →

E-book review – Managing stress at work(A guide for employers, managers and individuals)

This is the second review on my blog and I thank Autumn St. John, Position Ignition, for proving me with the copy of their new e-book “Managing stress at work” “More than 39% bosses reveal that they are seeing sickness absence levels rise as a result of stress” – quoted from Occupational Medicine. The beginning... Continue Reading →

What kills innovation at work?

Innovation, creativity, initiative make a must have resume term today. Employers look out for candidates who can contribute to innovation at work, product, services & sales. Yet, there are occasions when some workplaces processes and practices work as innovation killers. Promotion without pay raise A very dear friend of mine has been offered a promotion... Continue Reading →

Emotions at work –from bitter to better

Your boss just yelled at you for a missed deadline.. You feel humiliated and embarrassed You are already dealing with a personal problem and your colleague behaves rude.. You feel sad Someone at work  bad mouthing you … You get angry “Stay strong and hide your emotions at work” is easier said than done. Emotions... Continue Reading →

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