Emotions at work –from bitter to better

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Your boss just yelled at you for a missed deadline.. You feel humiliated and embarrassed

You are already dealing with a personal problem and your colleague behaves rude.. You feel sad

Someone at work  bad mouthing you … You get angry

“Stay strong and hide your emotions at work” is easier said than done. Emotions at work are inevitable. Trying hard to hide them often leave one disturbed for hours. So what is the easy and effective way to deal with emotional outburst at work?

Release emotions rather than hiding them

  1. Grab a glass for chilled water

Home or office, anger or aggression, a glass of water cools off everything. Another benefit that water does is, it gives you time to follow the 10 second rule. By the time your glass is empty, you will feel and think better.

  1. Talk it out

It is fine to vent out your resentment or anger. If talking about it makes you feel better, do it but with a trusted friend who genuinely wishes to listen and advice. And even better, get yourself a cup of coffee or tea and some snacks while talking. You might enjoy food more than criticizing.

  1. Wanna cry? Use the restroom

Sometimes holding back tears becomes difficult. It’s OK, crying helps feel better. Doing it in front of others might project you as weak and over sensitive so use the restroom.

  1. Read humor and fun stuff

Change your mood before going back to work. Read some nice message or fun stuff on your mobile or social networks. Smile to yourself, it works wonders to lift up a bad mood. Now get back to work light-headed and relaxed.

Must avoid writing a strong email – Resignation, complain, revenge, if all this is on your mind, hold putting it in writing.  Even if you are determined and convinced on sending an e-mail, hold it at least till next day. Even if you don’t change your mind, your writing will be much professional and appropriate. Emotions sometimes take over rationality.

Such cases of emotional outburst by employees at work often reach HR. Sometime for counseling, sometimes as complain. Whenever I encounter any such situation with employees, one or the other mentioned tip usually benefits.

Do you have any advice to manage emotions at work? Let’s share…

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