What kills innovation at work?

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Innovation, creativity, initiative make a must have resume term today. Employers look out for candidates who can contribute to innovation at work, product, services & sales. Yet, there are occasions when some workplaces processes and practices work as innovation killers.

Promotion without pay raise

A very dear friend of mine has been offered a promotion recently. Her appraisal was very much expected and awaited  but she is not really excited about it. Why? … Because it’s a promotion without pay raise.  She is thinking over two options now –

  • Not accepting the promotion and staying away from additional responsibilities & work load.
  • Accepting the promotion offered and look out for a change soon.

In either case, she is sure not to put in her best efforts at work. Isn’t this an innovation killer? Yes it is and yet increasing number of employers are now offering promotion without pay raise. Read CareerBuilder survey 2013 here. By not rewarding & appraising employees on time are employers really not adding to de-motivation of overall workforce? ..  Just a better title without a justified raise might not always do the trick for long.

Micro-managing work culture

Micro managers exist in every organization. At some places there are identified and addressed while at others they are ignored believing it might improve productivity. Micromanaging can ensure productivity and perfection but it is a big innovation killer. By giving employee no control over their work pace and decision-making, micromanaging disempower them and serve to be a barrier to innovation.  Whereas, on the other hand giving employees a little freedom improves relationship and boost employee morale.  Is it worth hampering employee growth and self-development by micro-managing them?

Employees deliver their best when they are provided with opportunities and environment to do their best, are appreciated and rewarded for their work.

What in your opinion is innovation killer at work? Share in the comments.

2 thoughts on “What kills innovation at work?

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  1. Hi Meetu – As usual liked the write up . One other aspect which comes to my mind and may be or may not be clubbed with killing innovation is water tight compartments around processes .

    1. Thanks Anindya for sharing your thoughts… Yes, very rightly said, binding employees in strict approval processes & inflexible policies too works against innovation often.

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