Things a trailing spouse should know [Infographic]

Whenever I see a friend moving overseas for job or marriage, I know what the experience is going to be like. Once the excitement of being at a new place and among new people settles, there is a whole world of possibilities, responsibilities and challenges waiting. Settling down in a new culture is not as easy as it seems when we look at others living and working abroad. If you are moving for job, your colleagues and work assignment help a great deal in dealing with culture shock but those moving as trailing spouses often have to struggle more to adjust in a new culture. Let me make this clear that I dislike the term trailing spouse as much I disliked the initial experience of being the one. From a place where I come from, India, it is common for girls to follow their spouse abroad leaving their career behind in hope for a better future but sometimes country’s visa restrictions and immigration laws make it difficult to get land a desired job. For a working professional, loosing financial independence and identity is tough to deal with but if you are prepared for the move, things can be a little easier.

 I won’t say settling in a foreign land is easy but its more difficult if you arrive unprepared .

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