E-book review – Managing stress at work(A guide for employers, managers and individuals)

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This is the second review on my blog and I thank Autumn St. John, Position Ignition, for proving me with the copy of their new e-book “Managing stress at work”

“More than 39% bosses reveal that they are seeing sickness absence levels rise as a result of stress”quoted from Occupational Medicine.

The beginning section of the e-book reveals similar surprising facts and statistics on stress and its impact on work life. The data is definitely an eye opener. Though the e-book mainly focuses on trends and economic impact of stress in the UK, the causes and tips shared are relevant to every economy and everyone at the workplace.

As the name suggests, this e-book is a precise guide for employers, Managers as well as individuals. What causes increased stress at work? Cultural change, uncertainty, insecurity,  work pressure? Definitely a must-know for employers everywhere who are dealing with issues of absenteeism and loss of productivity. The book not only highlights the causes but offers viable fixes too. After all, a healthy workplace is every employer’s responsibility. A Manager’s role is crucial in balancing the employer’s expectation and his employee’s potential.  What is a Manager’s responsibility towards his team? How can he help his team cope  with work pressure without straining themselves? Some practical advice recommended in the book makes it an essential read for all Managers, especially those stepping  into the role.

The real sufferer of stress is the one who is going through it. It is true that many people leave jobs unable to handle the pressure anymore. But is leaving the job the right move? If not (Ofcourse not), how can one prepare himself for the challenges at work and personal life? For anyone dealing with the issue, the answers lie in the e-book.  The concluding section talks about solutions that organizations and individuals together explore for better workplace flexibility and work-life balance.

“A stress free life is essential for workplace productivity, economic progress and personal well-being” is the e-book’s focal point

If you want some awesome and practical tips to help through the stressful time and be in self-control, this book is for you. What more? The book also shares an interesting link “10 Ways to Managing Stress at Work” , a short video by Position Ignition.

Download your copy of “Managing stress at work” here.

Hope you like it as much as I did 🙂

Feel free to share your feedback in the comments…

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