How about a Mobile Employee Grievance cell?

So it’s already November 2013, the year approaching to an end.  Next year will see new resolutions, new promises and some new changes. While everyone plans something new and better each year why should HR be behind? …. How about a Mobile Employee Grievance cell? Accept it or not, dealing with employee problems /grievances is... Continue Reading →

It’s PEOPLE that drive engagement at work

What keep employees engaged at work? If you are an HR, you would probably have many answers to this. Employee engagement activities, company culture, T&D programs, career path, skill development, RnR programs etc etc …. There is a long list of activities and initiatives HR and organizations do to keep their employees engaged but we... Continue Reading →

Be-friend your new employees

What does an employee look for at a new job?Those who have been in the situation already know the answer and for the HR pros out there, observe …. “A buddy” is what an employee looks for at a new workplace. And who can be a better buddy than the HR itself? After all, employees... Continue Reading →

Why do we need Engagement Specialists?

The word engagement was never as favored as it is today, probably because we have realized the defects of dis-engagement.  The pressure of engagement is immense and a  new genre of professionals – the Engagement specialists, are busy helping organizations worldwide to cope up with the engagement challenge. While organizations are doing every effort to... Continue Reading →

Unlocking workforce potential

In a game, there are two kinds of players – one who participate to win and the others who participate because they like being part of the game, winning is no condition for them. In professional context, the first category is called the actively-engaged employees while second category constitutes majority of our workforce and is... Continue Reading →

Book Review – Managing Employee Turnover: Myths to Dispel and Strategies for Effective Management

I am fond of reading and usually don’t miss to read a book that has good reader ratings. One of my recent read  is  - Managing Employee Turnover: Myths to Dispel and Strategies for Effective Management- by David Allen, Phillip C. Bryant . Employee turnover and attrition is a concern of every HR professional and despite the best... Continue Reading →

Emotional Security at work

One of the basic needs of human being is Emotional Security. An emotionally secure environment helps to develop confidence, commitment and capabilities in an individual. This holds true for work environment as well.  Employees feel motivated and committed in a work environment that provides them Emotional Security and comfort. Often, it is observed that employees... Continue Reading →

Cultural Intelligence and HR

Every one of us understands the importance Cultural Intelligence  to survive and succeed in the increasingly diverse business environment of today. Working with clients, customers, partners and colleagues across culture require a high level of Cultural Intelligence, also known as Cultural Quotient (CQ). Cultural Intelligence is the capacity to work effectively with groups of people from... Continue Reading →

Work from home and Flexitime are here to stay

Yahoo’s recent statement “speed and quality are often sacrificed when we work from home” on its new “No work from home policy” is concerning employees everywhere. Every employee who has worked from home is familiar with the flexibility this set-up offers. You can balance your work targets with your family and social commitments. What more... Continue Reading →

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