New age employee engagement surveys

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OK, this one is about employee engagement again .. but not adding more tips to it but about what lies beyond it.  With so many tools and techniques available for the purpose, engaging employees is no more a problem; almost every organization is doing well at it. The true challenge is measuring and understanding if employees really feel satisfied with the efforts organizations are making towards engaging them. This is where the scope of improvement exists.

What HR generally does with measuring employee engagement is now turning obsolete. The model is time-consuming and has been done the same way for years at most organizations. A survey which is distributed one or may be twice a year with questions that give employees limited responses to choose from. Based on the observations (with may take months), a few changes are proposed. By the time, any of the changes are implemented, some employees have already left the organization.

Surveys are not dead. When inviting opinions is concerned, survey is the best way. I wrote a post some days back on 10 interesting question to be asked to millennials during employee engagement surveys. You can read it here. So what’s the crack? Today’s workforce is tuned to everything quick and automated.  So should be their feedback mechanism.

  • It must be simple in operation.

As is said, the simpler, the better. How about replacing the long surveys with one or a few simple question? Something that give employees space to express themselves and feel cared for?

I must admit that I am truly found of Daily Pulse mechanism by Celpax. The device tracks employee’s mood with just one simple question everyday “How was your day?” Place the device at the exit door and your job is done. Employees while leaving for the day press GREEN or RED button indicating their mood. It is easy, convenient and results are instant.

  • It must be continuous not occasional process.

By continuous I mean a mechanism that measures employee engagement not once a year but is frequent and periodic. A friend working at P&G told me about the engagement tracking software Sense used there. It is software developed by BlackbookHR that tracks employee engagement every week with a quick question based on their job, organization and work culture.

  • It must be quick and give real-time results.

Conventional surveys are tedious and time-consuming. A good alternative is something that is quick and gives real-time results. Companies like Cultureamp and Achievers provide customized and interactive surveys that run on tablets and smart phones. They are fast to complete and results are immediate and in real-time.

As Josh Bersin writes at Forbeswe have to continuously improve, redesign, and tweak the work environment to make it modern, humane, and enjoyable.” That’s the crux of an employee engagement pregame – engage, measure and improve. A model that is simple and quick in operation and is easy to monitor gives ample scope of improvement in the way, communication, hiring, promotions, retention and other decisions are handled at work.

So if you as HR are struggling with engagement surveys and results tracking, it’s time to approach management with an improvement idea.

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