Building emotional connect during onboarding process

Why is Induction & On-boarding an important part of a new employee’s work life?

Because how an employee is made to feel during his initial days with an organization often influences his decision to stay or leave. In a case where employee already has another offer to consider, a positive experience during Induction & On-boarding becomes even more crucial. Who is actually responsible for an effective and engaging On-boarding process? Let’s see…

HR Department – The traditional presentation and video highlight ways of Induction should go now. HR should try more innovative technique to make new employees feel welcomed and learn about their new workplace. Group orientation, interactive games, mentoring, site visit and many more ways are being implemented to make the process more engaging. Complete paper work beforehand online, Set a schedule for new employees first week at work, give them chance to talk about themselves and their skills, share with them stories of career succession at your organization.

Management – Are you willing to spend that little extra to welcome your new hires? A welcome kit, team lunch, tech & soft-skill training(if required), a comfortable work station and updated system are few things that make a new employee feel valued. When you invest in your employees, you are actually investing in your future talent pool.

New employees – Yes, I am serious. How engaging will be an Induction and On-boarding process also depends on how much the new employees are willing to be involved and acknowledge HR/organization’s efforts. It is an opportunity to understand your new workplace, build relationship with new colleagues, learn about the process/policies at new employer. Employees at times, undermine the overall process by not actively participating in it .

I strongly believe that for any organizational process to be effective, an equal participation from both ends must be encouraged. It takes a lot more to make an Induction & On-boarding process engaging, we are going to discuss these aspects in details at #KeepThemEngaged twitter chat on 26 Jan, 2016 with Dr Deepak Malhotra (founder #KeepThemEngaged) and his team. Click the link here for details.

What are your views and experiences on the topic?  Join us on 26 Jan, 2016 on Twitter at 10:00am EST & 8:30 pm IST using hashtag #KeepThemEngaged and tell us ..

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