What HR does wrong with Fun-at-work

no fun at work

Fun-at work is essential. Organizations and HR pros everywhere have realized the defects that a monotonous and stressful work environment does to employee morale and productivity. Also, its is an effective engagement tools for Gen Yers who are stimulated by an easy-going and fun-loving environment. Fun at work activities are a good way to keep employees happy at work.

Yes, Fun at work has become part of professionalism and culture at work. HR pros are experimenting in every way to utilize the concept at its best for organizational success. Games, volunteer services, family get together, talent shows and many other events are arranged (inhouse and outdoors) that can help employees connect and engage. Yet, sometimes all the efforts fail to produce desired results. Why? Because employees avoid to participate in the activities. This is a concern that HR pros deal with often.

Employee Participation is must to make any work activity a success. When employees refuse to join, it  hints dissatisfaction somewhere. Why employees do that? Why despite best intentions,  HR sometimes is faced with disappointment ?

You can read about it in a post that I wrote for another popular HR blog . Click on the link below to read the post

Are your Fun at work activities a flop?

Do share your opinions and thoughts on Fun at work? I am waiting to hear them 🙂

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