SnapSuggest – modern day suggestion box

“Employee ideas are key to building a culture of high performance.”

This quote by Alan G, Robinson, the well known author and educator of performance improvement ideas, is foundation of a great work culture. Organizations today appreciate involving employees in decision making process but how they do it matters.

As HR,  how do you reach out to your employees for ideas or suggestion? Let me guess.. Suggestion box. Right? Yes, that’s how most of us do it. Contacting employees on email (the physical suggestion box had long been gone) asking their opinion and ideas on something. Calling in votes, debating/discussing the best ones and implementing those that get a go-ahead.  More or less this is how the common  traditional suggestion box process work – choose the best, leave the rest.

If you are an employer or HR, still struggling with this conventional approach, you should definitely experience the modern-day suggestion box like SnapSuggest. Its quick, ongoing and more effective. When I first learned about the app, I was impressed by its ease-to-use. The tool has some amazing features that make it more engaging.

What are some key features?

  • It is mobile. Wherever you go, carry your suggestion box on your iphone or android device or operate on web.
  • It is quick. You can ask for ideas, post suggestions, make comments in simple clicks. Navigating through the tool is very convenient.
  • Familiar with Social apps? Great, SnapSuggest works similar way, so not much training required.You can read all ideas posted by others, reply and participate in conversations and also see which ideas are making headline by gaining more user votes. What more? If you like a suggestion or find some inappropriate, the app also gives a quick option to convey that.
  • It is a real-time communication system. With SnapSuggest, there is no waiting to hear back from the users. Feedbacks are instant.

Why to consider SnapSuggest?

If your current suggestion box fail to contribute much to innovation, performance and productivity, probably your employees are not really participating in the process. So it time for you to move to a system that’s quick, engaging and user-friendly like SnapSuggest.

Interested in SnapSuggest?

Click the link and explore more about the app. Also, SnapSuggest is offering 14 day free trail to new users. So forget the wait and grab the opportunity to connect with your employees.

For a decision-making process to be effective, response time and information analysis are two essentials, SnapSuggest excels in both. With this app, you can give your employees a voice and help them to express themselves better. 

Engaged employees make a great work culture.

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