How about a Mobile Employee Grievance cell?

mobile employee grievance cellSo it’s already November 2013, the year approaching to an end.  Next year will see new resolutions, new promises and some new changes. While everyone plans something new and better each year why should HR be behind? …. How about a Mobile Employee Grievance cell?

Accept it or not, dealing with employee problems /grievances is an indispensable part of HR job. Every time an employee faces an issue at workplace or any personal concern, he approaches HR. Now think about changing this pattern of addressing employee grievances, instead of employee approaching HR, try making it HR reaching out to employees to know their concerns/ problems/ grievances and complaints or even their well being in that matter.

Will the idea work? Yes, it will…For the simple reason that employees like and appreciate being approached, heard and connected .It gives them a sense of belongingness and makes them feel part of the organization.

All HR has to do is:

  • Set a process of periodic meetings with teams/departments.
  • Connect with employees and give them opportunity to open up.
  • Share their workplace concerns and complaints.
  • Don’t just listen, act on resolving their concerns. Provide them with appropriate solutions.
  • Remember, it’s not only about complaints, employees love discussing their performance, career aspirations, success and personal achievements  too, be open and receptive to discuss these as well.

HR is more about managing, developing and retaining employees. To accomplish this well, it’s crucial for HR to build positive relationship with employees and be available for them.

So HR, are you ready to leave the comfort of your workstation and go MOBILE?

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