It’s PEOPLE that drive engagement at work

people2What keep employees engaged at work?

If you are an HR, you would probably have many answers to this. Employee engagement activities, company culture, T&D programs, career path, skill development, RnR programs etc etc …. There is a long list of activities and initiatives HR and organizations do to keep their employees engaged but we often miss to recognize the most important aspect of engagement – THE PEOPLE.

How it would feel to work in an organization which provides great compensation benefits and carry out good engagement activities but there is no association and affinity among employees?

Yes, more than anything else, it’s the people employees work with – Manager, colleagues, team members, even the HR guys keep them engaged with job and the organization on the whole. So what can HR do to promote collaboration among employees?

Relationship buildings activities – HR can help in promoting culture of employee connect with activities like team outings, picnics etc.  Many companies encourage relationship building activities among employees by letting them come together and volunteer for community services.

Appreciate diversity – While every company takes pride in maintaining diverse workforce how well the diversity is managed and cultivated in the organization makes the real difference. Diversity training, employee assessment, openness and respect towards all, satisfaction surveys are some activities than can be conducted to ensure every employee in organization feels respected and connected.

Right engagement practices coupled with great relationship among employees is the perfect driver of employee engagement and motivation. HR can be a great contributor in promoting and maintaining open, transparent, involved and collaborative work culture.

As HR, what practices do you suggest to recognize PEOPLE as engagement means?

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