Why do we need Engagement Specialists?

EXPERTSThe word engagement was never as favored as it is today, probably because we have realized the defects of dis-engagement.  The pressure of engagement is immense and a  new genre of professionals – the Engagement specialists, are busy helping organizations worldwide to cope up with the engagement challenge.

While organizations are doing every effort to retain their valuable assets (clients, customers and employees), the results are often not great. Despite all attempts, clients pull out and employees resign, leaving the management and organization puzzled.

  • Why employees to choose to leave ignoring organization’s retention efforts?
  • Why clients drop-out despite good services?
  • What makes employees, customers or clients look out for options?

These are some of the questions Engagement Specialist are experts in providing solution to. Client Engagement Specialist, Employee Engagement Specialists, Customer Engagement Specialists etc, work towards creating a business and work environment where clients, customer and employees feel involved and satiated.

During my conversation with departing employees, I often contemplate reasons for their separation. Surprisingly, it’s not every time that an employee leaves because of dissatisfaction over salary, work or supervisor. Better engagement and meaningful assignment are often the reasons employees give for leaving.  Employees today are more experimental than before; they are open to take any move that can enhance their career. Holding them is a challenge. For a strong retention and engagement strategy, it is important to record employee behavior patterns that inspire turnover.

Willingness to work with industry leaders

Working with a leading organization or brand name gives a sense of satisfaction and security. People desire to work with organizations that lead in terms of customers, client satisfaction, employee benefits and financial means.

Competitors mean opportunities

While companies’ view their competitors as rivals, their employees, clients and consumers see better opportunities with competitors in terms of prices and employment opportunities. Of course, who wouldn’t like to go for a better bargain?

Positive working relationship

Employees value positive work environment and enjoy working with colleagues, Managers and peers who are highly professional and supportive. A good work culture is one of the most critical elements of employee motivation and retention.

It is substantial to understand factors that drive engagement. Effective engagement means engaging an individual’s mind, interest, talent, skills, capacity as well as psychology.

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