Emotional Security at work

One of the basic needs of human being is Emotional Security. An emotionally secure environment helps to develop confidence, commitment and capabilities in an individual. This holds true for work environment as well.  Employees feel motivated and committed in a work environment that provides them Emotional Security and comfort. Often, it is observed that employees quit an employer because they feel dissatisfied with their work environment.  Some of the things at workplace that provide emotionally secure environment to employees are:

A boss with positive/good attitude:  People tend to stay committed to their job if they have a supervisor who is supportive and motivating. A good boss can often compensate for other workplace shortcomings.

Non-controlling environment: Of course, there are workplace rules and policies that one has to follow but too much controlling tends to disengage employees. Not flexible work hours, restricted break hours, limited lunch hours, a strict dress code are often the rules that employees dislike.

A healthy physical surrounding: How well are washrooms managed, what is the quality of food  provided in cafeteria, what are the arrangements and facilities provided in case of medical emergencies are the most common concerns employees have with their workplace. A healthy physical surrounding is a great satisfying  factor for employees.

Reward and Recognition: Nothing can beat the happiness that comes from appreciation. A good reward and recognition policy is a great employee morale booster. An employee is motivated to achieve more when he is rewarded for little achievements.

A management committed to employee growth:  A well developed career path is what every employee seeks in an organization. A management that focuses on employee growth, development and career progression is looked upon as ideal.

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