Book Review – Managing Employee Turnover: Myths to Dispel and Strategies for Effective Management

15084903I am fond of reading and usually don’t miss to read a book that has good reader ratings. One of my recent read  is  – Managing Employee Turnover: Myths to Dispel and Strategies for Effective Management- by David AllenPhillip C. Bryant . Employee turnover and attrition is a concern of every HR professional and despite the best efforts, it is often difficult to stop employees from leaving. Although I have read other books on this subject, this one surely makes one of my best reads. The book‘s focal point is the research work and evidence-based strategies on Employee Turnover and Retention.

The book is apt for Managers dealing with the issue of employee turnover as well as for knowledge seekers who want to learn about the topic. What makes reading it more interesting is the way each chapter begins by stating a challenging workplace situation and ends with application suggestions.  The book has been divided into two sections: the first part expounds on some established myths about employee turnover, and the second part offer strategies of employee retention.

The first section of the book that talk about turnover – its myths, its impact, its reasons, costs associated and its management is quite informative. Like me, if you also believe that attrition is usually bad for organizations, this book will show you a new perspective: not all turnovers are equal. The second section of the book- Retention strategies ,  provides practical ways of employee engagement and retention. Though the tips and strategies are widely known and practiced, the presentation is very convincing.

For those who work closely with turnover and retention, this book provides good knowledge on the subject.  It helps to understand the key questions Managers and organizations deal with –

–          Impact of turnover on organizations

–          What causes employees to leave

–          How each turnover is not same.

–          Ways to engage and retain talent.

Managing and retaining talent is important and this book is the kind that effectively explains the subject. If you are looking for good insight on the topic, the book is for you.

Hope you like the book as much as I do. You can connect with Dr Philip Bryant (co-author,Managing Employee Turnover ) at


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