Why we need feedback and how to ask for it

One of the things I do not miss to do every Monday morning is to look for the topic of “Power of connection” chat (hashtag #PoCchat ).  I always enjoy being a part of this discussion because it talks about bringing out the best in our personal & professional lives by utilizing the power of... Continue Reading →

What makes a job hopper?

When I say job hopper, I don’t talk about those who look for a new job every 6 months (wanderer might be the right word here) but about those who have a work history of staying with employers for 2-3 years. Though the average employment tenure today is between 2-4 years,(especially with millennials), employer still... Continue Reading →

How can HR keep company culture alive

What is company culture? In most appropriate sense, company culture is the personality of a company. To potential recruits, company culture is the representation of how they will be treated as employees. Working as outsourcing consultant with various clients as part of my job, I have observed employees connecting with an organization’s work culture even... Continue Reading →

#socialHR events to look forward next week

Social media is the fastest and widest source of learning today. My social world was much limited to Facebook(personal) and LinkedIn(professional) until I started exploring social media as means of learning and connecting with industry peers , which wasn't very long ago. It was amazing to see the opportunities it provided in terms of learning,... Continue Reading →

What makes HR crucial for business success?

“Human Resources isn’t a thing we do, It’s the thing that runs our business.”– Steve Wynn That’s true, HR is not just about support, it is a crucial function that shapes the working and future of organization. With growing corporate demands and workplace challenges, Human Resource professionals have emerged as Employee advocate, Business partners, Strategic Partners,... Continue Reading →

New Year, New beginnings

"Time flies"..So well said. Another year has gone by and we are all charged up to welcome The New Year.  Before the year ends, I would like to share a few things this year taught me about life,career,HR and Management in general Always to carry along at work - OPTIMISM and EMPATHY "All work and... Continue Reading →

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