Are you choosing the right job?.. Find out

Finding a new job is a lot of hard work at times. Keeping an eye on various job sites, turning up all social networks,  lot of preparation and interviews and finally an offer letter to a new job. Landing up in a new job feels great but what if this is not the role that you were looking for?

In hiring “right fit” always matters; for employer, it’s the right candidate and for job seeker, it’s the right role. While organizations have a defined process to evaluate each candidate against parameters essential for the job, for job seekers, sometimes, the joy of getting a new job is much enough to make them overlook the evaluation. This situation is more common in cases :

  •          For fresh graduates new to industry practices and experience
  •          For those who want to leave their current employment for any reason
  •          For those who are out of job and currently unemployed (a job is a enough reason to celebrate, evaluation               comes later or may be not)

But for those who have offers to choose from, evaluation becomes essential and critical. Sacrificing a career to a wrong job is not worth the risk. Some simple ways to avoid this situation are:

Ask for job expectations and responsibilities – Job interview is a two-way communication, make the best use of it in your interest. Hiring Managers and interviewers give opportunity to each candidate to question them on job expectation, role and responsibilities associated. Just ask for everything that can help you make the best decision – expectations, growth options, benefits, flexi-work opportunities, anything. Hiring managers will be happy to help you here, its matters to them too.

Know about the work culture – An organization’s culture has a major influence on life at work for employees. When an employee comes from an organization of great work culture, he often finds it difficult to adjust in an environment which lacks that positivity. So research well about these factors – core values, leadership, communication and feedback scope, team and coworker relationship, work-life balance opportunities that really matters for your performance and productivity at work. How can you find about it? Ask the employees you know, look at social media, refer to ex-employee feedback.

Avoid listing false accomplishment and over-promises – Presenting oneself as the most suitable of all the applicant is important part of an interview. Talking all high and good about one’s capabilities is good as long as it is within the scope of past experience and job requirement. Over stating the accomplishment or over-promising can result into a job offer where expectations are more than one can deliver in terms of skill, knowledge and time. Surviving in such a job at times becomes tough if one is not prepared to learn, develop and adapt as required.

Have an offer?…  Just GO for it if it’s the right fit for you.

3 thoughts on “Are you choosing the right job?.. Find out

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  1. Asking the interviewer is fine, but the interview panel / the organisation should also be transparent in briefing about the culture of the organisation and the role. In most of the circumstances, its the other way round, to beat the unemployable, status, individuals have to accept the terms and take up the job which may require min skills they need to possess for the role.

  2. I agree with SVR above, the clear communication and setting of expectations should be both ways, it helps in long run.

    Nice post, a very basic thing that lot of job seekers forget while finalizing the offer.

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