How can HR keep company culture alive

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What is company culture? In most appropriate sense, company culture is the personality of a company. To potential recruits, company culture is the representation of how they will be treated as employees. Working as outsourcing consultant with various clients as part of my job, I have observed employees connecting with an organization’s work culture even before they become part of it. Most successful organizations treat it as an asset and are committed to provide their employees with the finest working environment. While every company is striving hard to score better on work environment, the successful are the ones that are adaptive and open to change. And when it is about process improvement, who can manage it better than the HR.

Be receptive to employee suggestions: The real company culture comes from the behavior, thoughts and actions of its employees. Every joining employee brings some values and practices from his previous employer. As HR, communicate and understand their expectations and experience, they might have something good to add to your work culture.

Learn from competitors: In order to attract best talent, it becomes important to do better than your competitors in terms of employee policies, benefits, rewards and practices. As HR, be watchful of your surroundings.

Awareness of laws & regulations: Be well-informed and observant of legal environment in which your organization operates. Any change in business, State or country situation is likely impact an organization’s work culture

A good work culture is not an organization’s possession but is its responsibility towards its employees, customers and investors. It’s important to keep it evolving by introducing advancements and adjustments as and when required.

What more do you think can HR do to maintain a great company culture?

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