5 useful tips for every job interview

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Do you remember the famous dentist poem by Odgen Nash

“………… And that I will never have to do it again is a hope that I am against hope hopen.

This holds true with the job interviews too. While you are sitting on the chair in-front of the interviewer anxious, curious, nervous praying for it to go well, deep down, you also know that it is not the last time, there will be more interviews now or later. While every  interview is different there are still some handy tips that help can help to make the most of any job interview. Some of these I have learned by experience, some taught by mentors.

Prepare for the obvious questions – Preparing for the most obvious interview questions “Tell me about yourself”, “strength and weakness”, “Why you want to leave your current job” etc with most appropriate details makes you look well prepared. Struggling to answer these common interview questions definitely doesn’t leave a positive impact on the interviewer.

Prepare a list of your accomplishments – All that you have accomplished so far, in academics and work is a reflection of your attitude, attention and determination. List them all and do not hesitate to mention

Be ready with lot of examples – Behavioral Descriptive Interviews (BDI)  are much in practice now where candidates are evaluated on various parameters required for job as well as growth opportunities. The best way to handle such an interview is to support it with real-time examples from your work life.

Participate in the interview process – Instead of just answering questions, try to participate in the interview process.  The best way to do it is to bond with the interviewer -learn well about the organization, ask relevant questions, show your willingness to be part of the team/ organization, ask for details, and show that you are interested.

Be prepared to handle when you don’t know an answer – There might be situations when you do not know an answer , how are you going to handle the situation then? This too needs attention and is always good to be prepared how to response when the situation arises in a positive tone rather than sounding confused and unprepared.

I am sure there’s lot more that can add to the list, if you some interview tips share them with the readers here…

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