Tips to boost your confidence on first day at new job

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Congratulations! It’s your first day at job, time for celebrations but Hey, are you nervous? Thinking about how to behave your best all day and impress everyone at new workplace? Here are some tips that will help

Dress your professional best

Looking your best always help. It’s an important part of non-verbal communication. The way you look makes an impression even before you speak. It also lifts self-confidence that will help you sail through rest of the day easily and effectively.

It’s still not time to be You

First day on job is really not the time present who you are. You should be careful about how you behave and talk when interacting with your new colleagues, Manager or team. Being too open and cracking jokes might be part of your personality but you might appear too casual to others. Likewise, being too serious and reserved might distant you from others already.

Request to be involved

When it was my first day on last job my new team mates already had plan to go out for lunch to celebrate a colleague’s birthday. They appeared a little hesitant for my company but I asked them “Hey, can I join you all for the lunch?” On our way, I bought a card for the birthday girl. That one team-lunch help me bond well with my team mates and we are friends till today. Be it anything about engaging yourself with work, colleagues or peers, look for the opportunity to get involved at new workplace.

Ask but don’t annoy someone

Curiosity is obvious on your first day at new job. So it’s always better to ask what you do not know. There is nothing like a stupid question when you are learning about a new place or people. But instead of asking someone every now and then, bothering them at work do it all at a time. While you are going through orientation program, study manual or employee handbook, note down all your queries and request someone in the team/HR to help you at their convenient time.

First day is not to relax at work and leave early

It’s the beginning of your honeymoon period at work. But honeymoon period doesn’t last too long now a day. The employer/Manager expects the new hire to get at work and be productive soon. Showing a relaxed attitude on the first day and leaving office early because you have no real work yet reflects a non-serious approach to work. Rather stay with the others and take their help to know your job well.

What I shared here are some tips I have learned and understood with personal experience at work. There are some expert opinions that I personally believe and would recommend to practice on first day at a new job:

Via Forbes 

Be a Sponge  Before you try to change the game, you must first learn how to play it. Rather than worrying about socializing or making an impression, focus on learning how the organization and the people within it operate. First learn, then do, then teach.


Know that your worries are normal, but also irrational   Everyone experiences doubts before they start a new job, and — unfortunately — those worries might be amplified for the first few days after you start. It would actually be unusual if you didn’t ask questions to yourself like, “Am I right for this job?,” “Can I handle these responsibilities?” and “Do my co-workers think I’m a fool?”

If you find yourself asking these questions, just remember that your company hired you for a reason. Yes, you’re going to make mistakes. Just try to learn from them and not make them again. As long as you put forth an effort during the workday and don’t slack off, you’ll be just fine.


Treat the first day like the interview Your new manager has already interviewed you but this might be the first time the team has met you, and you, them. They’re evaluating you and you’re evaluating them, so treat the first day like a job interview. Make a good impression, sell your skills and emphasize your team work.

A new is a chance to prove yourself once again, wiser and better than before. Do the best you can but do not forget to enjoy your first day with new colleagues, new team and new responsibilities.

Good Luck 🙂

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