What makes a job hopper?

job hopping comic

When I say job hopper, I don’t talk about those who look for a new job every 6 months (wanderer might be the right word here) but about those who have a work history of staying with employers for 2-3 years. Though the average employment tenure today is between 2-4 years,(especially with millennials), employer still fish for loyalty and commitment. HR often cites long-term employability as a critical hiring factor that makes a so-called job hopper’s resume fail the screening process.

Although it appears otherwise, not everyone leaves jobs by choice. There are some reasons that a job applicant finds hard to share with his prospective employer.

He was caught in a wrong role – Sometimes what is promised at the time of interview in term of role and responsibilities doesn’t match with the real job. Anyone who lands up in such a situation is sure to leave sooner or later if the employer is not hearing and acting on it.

He was making a career decision – Fresh graduates, at time, take up a job as it is the only available option. Deciding upon what is a better career or learning about one’s passion and interest may happen later. In such cases, a relevant new job is the answer.

He was asked to leaveIt’s happening everywhere, employers plan a lay-off to save cost and ask employees to resign. Usually the victims are the employees who are relatively new. For a job applicant, it’s tough to admit a lay-off .

He moved for promotionMoney is the main concern for everyone. When an employer who boasts of a robust annual appraisal policy while recruiting becomes too choosy during execution, employees leave for better prospects. With a family to support, compensation matters.

He is driven by passion and interestMerely showing up on a job is not enough for some. They look for work that is challenging. They are keen for advancement and go for opportunities that are stimulating and rewarding.

Whatever may be the reason, not having a steady employment does not always mean that the applicant is disloyal or unfocused. Some career decisions are made with an intention of moving forward but can’t be displayed on paper. The idea of freedom, passion and more money does not always sell in the name of job hopping. But not all job hoppers are same, some are driven by circumstances. Such applicants might have a lot more to offer – a new perspective, diverse experience and more professional relationships.

What’s your opinion about job hopping?

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  1. I think you’re right with all the above point here. Additionally, I also believe there are personality traits that makes a person job hop every 2-3 years.. they need constant change even if the profile is right, culture is right or the boss is great, they still need change… so this could be one of the reasons too!

    1. Right Nupur, sometime its a desire to change that makes one job hopper…. So its better for hiring managers to meet the candidate and decide than rejecting the resume itself.

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