What makes HR crucial for business success?

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“Human Resources isn’t a thing we do, It’s the thing that runs our business.”– Steve Wynn

That’s true, HR is not just about support, it is a crucial function that shapes the working and future of organization. With growing corporate demands and workplace challenges, Human Resource professionals have emerged as Employee advocate, Business partners, Strategic Partners, Talent retention specialists and change agents driving an organization’s success. According to Bill Greenhalgh, CEO of HRPA in Toronto “The more demanding and competitive the workplace is, the more important it is to have qualified HR professionals.”

HR is emerging as an important business function as it is the key in connecting strategy, operation and people.

Choosing the right strategy – Every business needs right strategy in place to succeed. Choosing the strategy involves multiple data sources competitors, customers, employee surveys, compliance and governance etc. that can be provided by HR.

Operation and Implementation – Not just selection, it’s the implementation of the strategy that determines success of any organization. HR helps in developing and putting the system into practice.

Resource selection and allocation – At the end its people who drive organizational processes and operations. Hiring, allocating and utilizing workforce in most optimum manner is HR’s primary responsibility.

Managing the diverse workforce – With organizations going global, diversity is essential and inevitable. How well this diverse workforce is managed impacts performance, motivation and collaboration among employees. HR helps in promoting the atmosphere of mutual understanding and trust among employees to sustain diversity.

Human Resource today is more versatile than ever before. HR pros are playing an important role in assisting the CEO’s and top executives everywhere in decision-making and strategy formulation thus making it a crucial function for an organization’s success.

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  1. Great read. One of the other crucial functions of HR is in finding the right candidate fit for their company. Have you heard about MeraJob India? They have a unique model for pre-screening profiles based on the requirements of the recruiter which efficiently matches the job seeker with the right job. You can read more information here – http://bit.ly/1o6NDLx

  2. Hey Joseph,
    Thanks for stopping by and sharing the kind words. Yes, recruitment is the most imp function of HR. Glad you brought it here. MeraJOb India seems to be doing a great job for job seekers out there. Would surely like to share it with my India pals.

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