HR isn’t just about employees, it never was

Human Resource

“I work/want to work in HR because I enjoy working with people” If you believe this as the sole reason for choosing a career in HR, you must re-think. HR pros do not deal with employees alone today, rather they never did. There is lot more to this profession that is usually over-shadowed by the extensive involvement of  HR in recruitment and employee engagement. So, what’s HR scope beyond employees? To know, check out my interview with Dr Saroj Mahapatra (VP & Head HR Jindal Power and Steel) at – online channel for HR pros Broadcasting LIVE video interviews & Panel discussions 

Dr S.K Mahapatra brings together the history and evolution of HR in India as well as his perspective of future of HR(India & global). Questions covered :

  1. Scope of HR beyond hiring and managing employees
  2. Evolution of HR in India
  3. Re-invention of HR processes and solutions
  4. HR contribution to  employees, business and finance.

Click the link to watch the interview  HR Beyond employees

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