HR- what it is missing & why

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Those of you who are connected with me on Twitter already know that I am a sincere admirer and follower of Laurie Ruettimann and her writings. She, in one of her recent post mentioned that , “If you want to work in HR or earn more money, your options are limited”. So true it is and since I started my first job in HR, I have been wondering why do we, the HR pros, get paid less? Less than we deserve or less that what we actually work for ? …. OK, I know the answer, HR is a support function (nothing new), even those who do not know the H & R of Human Resources know that it is a support function. Why is it that when it comes to defining responsibilities, HR is given the title of “employee advocate” or “resource optimizer” and when it’s about money we are offered nothing justifiable..isn’t it unfair?

All the top managers and CHROs who have made it to the success will definitely say that HR lacks nowhere but for the rest of us in HR (the number is actually much higher), let’s see where we go wrong…

  • We sincerely accept the word “support function” in its literal meaning to contend ourselves.
  • We don’t negotiate for better offers. Let’s admit it, even before we reach the negotiation table, we are prepared to accept what is being offered.
  • One can hardly beat us when we are negotiating offers with other employees but when its our turn to bargain, we act subtle.
  • We fail to justify our job profiles, our contribution and our abilities in term profits, costs and ROI.
  • Like others, we too believe that bigger titles and roles are for people who excel in statistics, sales & business acumen and HR is not that smart.
  • When Companies say No to having an HR department, we fear for our future and feel even more fulfilled for at least having a job.

Can companies really do without HR?… Hard to say but for HR to actually hope for a more promising future, we have to step out of the role of mediator and peacemaker. From technology to social media & analytics, everything is within HR’s performance scope today. So if your current job profile is limiting you to spreadsheets and employee engagement, its time to re-evaluate and experiment with advancing HR roles. And next time you negotiate for a new offer, be more prepared and confident. Well, I am already preparing for that.

Good luck 🙂

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