Why HR is a Thank-less job?

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I agree that the subject of the post isn’t new. We hear it all the time (often believe it too) but today, during a conversation, when a friend quoted again that “HR is a thankless job” I got into thinking… Who propagated this notion(it’s no a way an easy job)? How are we, the HR, responsible for making everyone believe this?


In a few ways yes, we are responsible because…

  1. We assume administrative tasks like clean toilets, arranging gifts and organizing parties as a major part of our KRA and expect appreciation in return.
  2. We create big outcomes by counseling, listening and guiding employees but hesitate to record them as our accomplishments. Most of our time is spend in these activities but it is never accounted.
  3. We want to improve policies and process but often lack confidence to present our proposal and stand for the cause.
  4. For each new hire, we contact several prospects, have endless conversations and negotiations but all that goes un-noticed.
  5. All the work (reports, past records, follow-up etc) we do for employees appraisal is appreciated only by those who are satisfied with increments and promotions they receive.
  6. When an employee learns and performs better as a result of training & development program we organize, the credit goes to the employee not HR and we accept that.
  7. We believe that business is for the sales and strategy guys and we fear to accept business challenge in HR. We are scared to discuss costs, investments, profits etc.
  8. We determine our performance and capabilities usually by the time and energy we put into our job and not by the results we generate.
  9. We accommodate ourselves perfectly in the comfort zone. We accept to serve a mediator between employees, finance  and the technology guys instead of working on learning and competency building.
  10. One of the biggest reasons why we are not appreciated for our work is because of our inability and failure to make our work visible.

What can change this opinion about HR job? We can… by learning  to create value for the work we do and by creating a reputation of a partner not just an enabler. As HR , we must be prepared to address, influence, change and learn in the process.

Have  more to add to the list? Share and help us all improve together

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  1. U r right on your reasons that why HR is a thankless job. The HR person is not motivated much by higher management as they view HR as a cost and not a resource. We are reqd. to motivate without getting appreciation or motivation.

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