Why Follow-up after job application

Application follow up

The first step for job search is looking for a suitable position, sending the resume and then waiting to be called. But what if you do not hear back from the hiring recruiter?

Is it OK to follow up and check on the progress of your application? While experts say “Yes, following up after initial application is fine” still we hesitate assuming

–          It might sound impatient or pushy

–          Our job is done, its recruiters responsibility to contact now

–          No call back means rejection

So that’s what we do, instead of checking upon , we wait for a few days and then forget about it thinking it must be some skills or experience mismatch because of which there was no hear back.

Why follow up?

We all know that recruiters do not read every resume that comes to them. Ofcourse they cannot (They have too many of them)  and sometimes the best candidates get lost either in ATS short-listing or somewhere in recruiter’s inbox. So, following-up has an advantage. If your resume lies in the pile with many others and the recruiter hasn’t had a chance to look at it yet, a friendly phone call is good way to get your resume on top

Follow up etiquette

  •  The sooner the better but it is good to wait for a day or two after sending your resume.
  • Phone is the best way. Start with an impressive but brief introduction and keep the conversation short. If you do not get to speak to the concerned person, call again instead of leaving message on answering machine (personal conversation is better than recorded message)
  • If you want to do it via e-mail, make sure you have the email Id of the concerned recruiter.  Do not send emails to random company e-mail IDs.
  • One time is a follow up, more times is inconvenience to the one hiring. So give the recruiter and the employer, their time to process the applications and decide.
  • If the job advertisement says “NO calls or emails for follow up” , respect that.

If you are on a serious job search, there no “NO” to anything that can get you closer to next career move. Anything that is done with professionalism and in an appropriate manner is appreciated by hiring Managers.

So if you are still thinking whether to follow up or not … Just go ahead, an interview might be awaiting you.

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