Some social media don’ts for employees

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Do you discuss your work-life on social media?

Social Media is a double edge sword. If you like something , write about it and make it desired and if you dislike something, defame it. Social media does both the jobs well. No doubts why employees are now putting up grievances with their employer via Social Media… because everything here gains quick attention.

The massive Campaign by TCS employees, #TCSLayoff is a recent example. Link here .The real story might still be in news and social media, its attracting worldwide consideration. Yes, employees today are more than ever open about their work, workplace and employer. For some people social media is not restricted to personal life only, they are comfortable discussing their work-life with their social media peeps.

Some recent social media trends

  • Employees do not hesitate “I hate my boss” status update
  • Resigning on Social Media is getting common
  • Making snide remarks on job, colleagues and even employer online
  • Discussing customer matters and client concerns on social media is happening too

Not every employee mentions his/her employer on social media with an intention to hurt. Sometimes these remarks are innocent and come out of ignorance. So if you want to write about your employer or work on Facebook, Twitter or even your personal blog…. RE-THINK. It is important to realize the impact your social media expression can have. It not only gives your employer a bad name but also harms your “Employee Brand”.

A few simple things can really save you from social media blunders

  • If you are doing it for fun, remember, your employer might not find it amusing.
  • Your clients and customers are guided by confidentially clause that warns you against writing about them to public.
  • If you feel your boss is a difficult one to deal with, writing about it on Facebook won’t help. It might make the situation worse.
  • If you’re really upset at work, PAUSE…. before you write about it and think if it can actually make the situation any better. If not, avoid.
  • If you are using corporate twitter or Facebook account, avoid adding your personal views there. It is strictly official.
  • Posting anything about your employer, policies, procedures, internal matters, statistics etc on your personal blog without employer consent is not always a good idea.

An important thing here is to understand that most employers scan a candidate’s social media profiles before making the final hiring decision. Writing negative about your current employer or job on social media can make your future employer skeptical.

 Have more tips to add, please write in comments  and share with the readers. 🙂

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  1. Thanks Meetu for the wonderful crisp write up . The time has come when Social Media Training should be a part of the Induction training only … I know some companies follow but a lot is yet to start ..

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