Worried about performance at work?.. Avoid these productivity spoilers

performance image

What makes a person a star performer?

One thing for sure, he utilizes his time wisely.

If he can, why can’t everyone?

When we talk about workplace distraction, Social media is the first thing that comes to mind. Yes, Social media is but not the only productivity killer at work. Some workplace behaviors inevitably impact on-job performance. I have written about them on LinkedIn. Here’s what I say….

What’s an ideal work scenario?

Excited when at work, accomplishing all job responsibilities well on time, meeting deadlines, enjoying coffee breaks with colleagues in between and getting back home relaxed. And most important, get credit and praise for all the hard work you put in at work. Am I correct?

To read more click here

So this is my first post on LinkedIn. As I promised, I am determined to invest more on LinkedIn. Are you?

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