Standard Operating Procedure(SOP)


SOP is a document that contains the list of instructions to be followed for accomplishing any activity or process . From HR view, SOP  provides an individual all the information he needs for performing any job / work or activity within an organization as it contains step by step details of the process to be followed.  A successful organizations develops SOP for all the major functions and activities.

SOP’s can be written and maintained for any technical, administrative and functional activities . The basic function of SOP is to ensure that activities are always carried out in the same manner.

Importance of SOP

  • Use of SOP ensures consistence implementation of process.
  • Use of SOP promotes and maintains quality of work .
  • Use of SOP minimizes the chances of variation in the process.
  • Reference to SOP ensures compliance to organization and government activities.

Basic format of SOP

SOP’s are written by individuals with sufficient knowledge and expertise in the field or process and are reviewed and approved by higher expertise before publishing.  A general format of SOP is  –

  1. Title page – it defines the activity or process for which SOP is prepared and contains details like SOP published or revised date, SOP identification number, name of department or branch SOP is applicable to, name of individuals who prepared SOP, reviewing authority.
  2. Table of Content – contains the summary of contents.
  3. Text – details step by step activities and all important definitions related to process.
  4. References  – contains list of references  , if any.

SOP’s must be  revised to incorporate any change in procedure and to ensure quality control.

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